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Why Real Professional Carpet Cleaning Is a Vital Component of Your Summer House Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a major undertaking even for the most dedicated Decorah, IA homeowners. To make it worthwhile, you have to do it properly. This means moving furniture, blocking off your home room by room, and comprehensively cleaning each area until all of the grime and grit is washed away.


For most homeowners this just doesn’t seem worth the time. The good news is that the professional cleaning team at ServiceMaster Cleaning Services is here to help. Our experts offer one-time in-depth cleaning so you can start fresh in your home and really enjoy some summer free time.


Carpet cleaning, despite the rigor involved, is essential for truly comprehensive home cleaning. Carpets may lend a lot of comfort and style to your home, but they also act like giant sponges to dust, grime, pollen, allergens, and other filth. Even if you live on your own without pets, simply by entering a carpeted room you’re likely transporting stubborn particulates onto those fibers without even realizing it. Before long, these particulates can build up until the color of the carpet dulls and you find yourself sneezing or contending with dusty, musty smells.


Because of how porous carpet fibers can be, carpet cleaning takes more than a simple surface-level vacuum session. While this might pick up some loose dust and crumbs, effective carpet cleaning means cleansing deeper. Professional equipment goes beyond the surface and cleans your carpets all the way to the backing material. This means starting with that surface-level vacuuming and then taking the next proper steps.


Our cleaning teams at ServiceMaster Cleaning Services take a multi-step, comprehensive approach to carpet cleaning. We wash and sanitize your carpets completely. This restores color and increases the lifespan of all the carpets in your home. Our cleaning process also includes the application of a carpet protectant to help keep your carpets cleaner longer.


If you’re struggling with finding time for proper and effective summer carpet cleaning, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning Services. Our professional cleaning teams can help you restore your Decorah, IA, home to the cleanest and best version of itself. Call us today at (563) 382-9888 or visit our website for additional information.