Water Main Burst

Have you ever had a water main break, or water flood your house? One night a building in Dubuque, Iowa had water pipe burst at 3 in the morning. The temperature was about -30 degrees out.Foley 141

Well did you know that the city of Dubuque, Iowa  has this system set up that when a water main burst, dispatch at the police station gets notified right away.

Dispatch had got this notification saying there is a water main burst at this building. They then dispatch out fire trucks to go look at it right away. While dispatch was sending fire trucks out, they got a 911 call from the building that was having the water issue. Dispatch had advised them that the fire department was in route.

ServiceMaster of the KFoley 089ey City in Dubuque, Iowa got the call also to do the clean up. Check out the photos of all the water in the building. ServiceMaster of the Key City in Dubuque, Iowa got this building back to so called “normal” and got the water cleaned up.


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