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Water Damage Restoration in Dubuque and Decorah, IA

Water damage is serious business. The aftermath of a broken pipe or flooding can quickly damage or destroy flooring, walls, and treasured possessions in a home or business. Water damage is devastating because prolonged standing water serves as a breeding ground for mold and pathogens, especially if the water is tainted or contaminated.

Standing water or moist areas inside a building that aren’t promptly dried out can lead to an infestation of mold. Mold damage can be difficult to remove, and exposure to mold can lead to serious health issues for residents or employees.


Getting Water Out of Your Home or Business in Decorah or Dubuque, IA

The ServiceMaster of the Key City team understands the importance of quickly responding to water damage so further damage can be minimized. The importance of professional water damage restoration can’t be overstated. Our team will quickly and effectively conduct water removal, dry affected areas, and begin the restoration process to clean and sanitize the area to prevent the growth and spread of mold and other pathogens.

Once your home or business suffers from water damage due to weather or a disaster, be sure to let water damage restoration professionals take care of the cleanup. Trying to lift tacked-down carpet or removing water with a typical vacuum isn’t a good idea. You can make the situation worse, damage the equipment you have, and potentially injure yourself.

It’s vitally important to stay out of any room that contains standing water until the electricity has been shut off by the proper authorities. Standing water or soaked carpeting can be lethal if it is in contact with a live circuit.


We Make a Water Damage Restoration Plan

When the ServiceMaster of the Key City team responds to a water damage call, we quickly make a disaster action plan that minimizes further damage to get you on the road to recovery as fast as possible. Our cleaning crews get to work to remove standing water, and we utilize professional-grade equipment to dry out an area damaged by water.

Any personal possessions, books, and furniture will be removed and stored in a safe area so they can be properly dried in a specialized manner. If carpeting or flooring is damaged, we’ll inspect the material and let you know if it makes better financial sense to clean and restore it or replace it.

During the cleaning and restoration process, ServiceMaster of the Key City team members will treat affected areas to prevent mold and other pathogens from growing or spreading.

When it comes to water damage, we’re dedicated to restoring peace of mind by quickly drying damaged areas and working to salvage and restore any personal belongings that got soaked.


The Restoration Process Depends on the Type of Water Damage

Most types of carpeting are able to withstand water for up to three days. The difference between cleaning and restoration or replacement depends on the type of water (clean, grey, or black water) it was exposed to. Carpet soaked by a broken water pipe (clean water) can usually be cleaned and restored, but carpeting affected by a sewage backup or flood waters (black water) may not be salvageable.

Water temperature also needs to be considered as warm water can deteriorate the glue that holds carpet fibers together, requiring the need to completely replace any affected carpet.

Wood flooring should be dried as soon as possible. Hardwood floors that begin to cup or crown due to water damage are often very difficult to restore once they become more than 10% waterlogged.


When your home or business is affected by water damage, contact our Dubuque, IA, office immediately at (563) 557-1488. If you’re located in or around Decorah, IA, call our Decorah office at (563) 382-9888. Our team will quickly respond to remove the water, dry the affected area, and begin the cleaning and restoration process as soon as possible.


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