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The Unique Dangers of Mold from Water Damage in Your Home

The stormy season is upon us in Dubuque, IA, and with it comes rain, heat, and humidity. While all of these may be great news for your lawn or garden, they have real potential to pose problems for the inside of your home. Excessive humidity or water damage following a major storm can lead to a wide array of home damage not limited to warping, staining, wood swelling, and perhaps most dangerous of all, mold growth. At ServiceMaster of the Key City, we can help you manage all of the above and provide comprehensive mold removal for homes impacted by water.


Water damage in general is bad news for any home, but mold is a particularly nasty side effect that tends to wreak more havoc than many realize. Part of the risk is how easy it is for mold to grow. Any amount of rain getting into your home, puddling in your garage, or seeping into your basement can lead to mold. And a little bit of mold can quickly turn into a big mold problem.


Mold in a home is different than mold on your food or mold in nature. House mold is specifically dangerous because it’s in a contained space and can grow quickly and exponentially. Plus, it may be doing so out of your sight. This means it can spread, grow, worsen, and basically turn your house into a specialized petri dish.


Without realizing it your home may be slowly lowering in value while simultaneously releasing mold spores that you and your family are inhaling on a daily basis. Mold can exacerbate asthma, allergies, lung conditions, and even lend to skin irritation, eye soreness, and more. This is in part why professional mold removal is so essential after water damage.


Because of how quickly mold can grow, mold removal is best left to water damage professionals. At ServiceMaster of the Key City, our team is trained in comprehensive mold removal, water damage restoration, and water damage cleanup. This means that your home will be left mold-free and safe for visitors and family alike. Plus, water damage restoration can keep your home in good condition for years to come.


If your Dubuque, IA home has experienced water damage or needs mold removal services, contact ServiceMaster of the Key City today at (563) 557-1488, or visit our website for more details.