The $10,000 Hairbrush

Here is another story about how things can get really bad, really quick!  An elderly Dubuque, Iowa woman in her 80’s was preparing for a trip with a relative. While packing she noticed she needed to clean her hairbrush.  As she placed the hair brush in the sink and turned on the water, the doorbell rang and she left the bathroom with the water running to go answer the door. After taking care of the visitor and being a proud home owner she decided to take care of some weeds she noticed in the yard.  Of course, all the while she was outside pulling weeds her hairbrush was still in the bathroom sink under running water. As it usually does, the landscaping took longer than expected, and when she went back inside she discovered the sink had over flown and the water had damaged the bathroom floor, the counter top, flooded the hallway, and ruined the basement bathroom.

Total cost = $10,000!!

This is another example of the kind of water damage that the team from ServiceMaster of the Key City in Dubuque, IA deal with every day.  The mess was cleaned up and the woman’s home was cleaned and restored in a short time.  Including the hairbrush!!