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Major Home Problems that Soot Can Pose and How Fire Damage Restoration Can Help

There’s no convenient time to experience fire damage. But if you’ve been stuck at home more than usual, then the risk of fire may increase due to additional kitchen use and cooking, strain on electrical wiring, or simply increased foot traffic. Whether fire damage in your home is merely inconvenient or major destruction, ignoring even the most minor fire damage can be a significant risk to your home and even to your family. ServiceMaster Cleaning Services offers comprehensive fire damage restoration for Decorah, IA, homeowners struggling with lingering soot or other fire byproducts.


Property damage, permanent staining, and decreased home value are all side effects of fire damage, particularly caused by soot. One of the basic side effects that soot can cause is surface staining, which can mean dark, black streaks across furniture, hard surfaces, floors, ceilings, and even glass. Along with these ugly stains comes a lingering smell that can permeate surfaces and really settle in. Without complete fire damage restoration to remove stains and smells, you may feel like you’re living in the aftermath of a fire disaster indefinitely.


Without intervention, surface soot stains become harder and harder to remove, especially from porous surfaces. And even though surface staining may feel like a relatively minor consequence of fire damage, the very nature of soot means that it’s more of a problem than it appears. If you can see soot stains after fire damage, then that means that soot is still posing a present danger in your home. The tiny carbon particulates that make up soot can be breathed in, land in your food, and stay in the fibers of your home for surprisingly long lengths of time.


Excessive exposure to soot can also be a catalyst that leads to respiratory issues, worsening of asthma and allergy symptoms, and with severe and extended exposure, potentially cancer or even death. Though some physical effects of exposure to soot are rare and most common in adults with pre-existing health vulnerabilities, slow exposure to carbon particulates can still be a potential health hazard, particularly if you’re confined to your home for extended periods of time.


Complete soot removal means regaining your home and reclaiming your life while leaving fire damage in the past. The fire damage restoration experts with ServiceMaster Cleaning Services offer the help you need to start your recovery today. Decorah, IA, residents can call at (563) 382-9888 or contact us online for additional information.