Residential Carpet Cleaning

Whether it is regular carpet cleaning or spot removal, count on the experts at ServiceMaster of the Key City in Duubuqe, Iowato thoroughly and safely restore your carpet.

Carpet CleaningMaintaining a clean carpet is one of the best ways to improve your home’s overall appearance and extend the life of your carpet. Regular vacuuming is important to keep carpets clean and last for many years, but vacuuming can only do so much. To get carpets and area rugs really clean, right down into the deepest fibers, your carpets should be professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. Unlike professional cleaning, most rented carpet cleaning equipment leaves carpet wet with detergent residue. At ServiceMaster of the Key City located in Dubuque, Iowa, we have the equipment and expertise to remove dirt, detergent, and moisture.


Our exclusive carpet cleaning process includes:


  • Groom matted areas of carpet pile to improve vacuum cleaning efficiency.
  • Use a high power vacuum to clean and remove loose grit and soil.
  • Pre-treat spots and stains.


  • ServiceMaster Carpet Shampoo clean using soil absorption discs non-soiling shampoo solution.
  • Pre-spray the soiled area to accelerate soil release before the rinse extraction step.
  • Agitate heavily soiled traffic lanes to aid in soil removal.
  • Rinse extract with clean water using high performance extraction equipment.

Post Cleaning

  • Post treat spots.
  • Groom to set pile for efficient drying and uniform appearance.
  • Inspect all areas.
  • Soil protection treatment.


Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • Have carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year: A professional cleaner has the equipment and expertise to fully remove dirt and detergent from your carpet. More importantly, they can remove most of the moisture in your carpet, something that most rental and purchased cleaning equipment does not do.
  • Vacuum carpets at least once a week: Up to 80% of dirt in carpets is loose dirt that can be removed with regular vacuuming.
  • Use doormats: Keep dirt, and especially sand, out of the house and off the rugs by using a doormat.
  • Protect the surface: Have your carpet fibers protected by a carpet protectant like Scotchgard© Carpet Protector.
  • Rotate furniture: Premature wear and tear and soiling take place when traffic paths are unchanged.
  • Blot spills: Quickly clean up spills with a dry, clean cloth or clean towel by blotting. Protect the area until dry.