Insurance Companies

ServiceMaster of the Key City in Dubuque, Iowa partners with all insurance companies in helping to restore losses back to pre-loss condition.

We'll work with your insurance companyNot only do we work directly with your insurance company, but we maintain communication with your adjuster and you throughout the entire process. Everyday insurance companies, both residential and commercial, contact us to do so.

We are a preferred vendor for many insurance companies, but work with any company. The list of companies with whom we have worked is extensive and most likely includes your insurance carrier. Insurers use ServiceMaster because we consistently provide responsible mitigation and restoration services using standardized pricing on our claims so that there are no surprises and because of our outstanding and trained employees. From the smallest claim to the largest, ServiceMaster of the Key City in Dubuque County is here for you.

Because we are a national company with a great reputation, all insurance companies know who we are and do not hesitate use our services. From the smallest claim to the largest, ServiceMaster of the Key City located in Dubuque, Iowa is there for you. We use normal and standard pricing on our claims so that there are no surprises.


Understanding the Insurance Process

We have found that policyholders, who have experienced unexpected fire and water damage, are not simply overwhelmed by the physical damage and costs, but also how the clean-up process will occur. Keep in mind that every claim and policy is different and this is just an example of how a basic claim could be handled:

  • The insured calls their insurance company who will walk them through the insurance process and give them a claim number.
  • ServiceMaster of the Key City will do an onsite inspection, begin any emergency services needed and then call the adjuster within 4 hours of the inspection with an update of the job.
  • There are typically 2 phases of a disaster loss, Emergency Mitigation Services and Restoration Services
  • The Emergency Mitigation Services are typically completed in within 3-5 days. This may include some demo, content movement, and dry out equipment. We update your adjuster daily so there are no surprises.
  • The Restoration Services are typically started once an agreed on scope of work is approved by your insurance company. Then it is scheduled with the homeowner and contractor.