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Mold Removal & Mold Damage Remediation in Dubuque and Decorah, IA

Every home or business owner in Dubuque, IA, understands the devastating effects of mold damage. Mold can grow in as little as 48 hours in an area where there’s extra moisture due to flooding, a broken pipe, or even a slow leak that just goes unnoticed.

If left untreated, mold can greatly diminish indoor air quality, aggravate allergies, and cause a wide range of serious respiratory issues for healthy and vulnerable individuals alike.


The Common Signs of Mold

Mold often grows in hidden areas, but there are a few ways you can tell if there’s mold inside your home or building. Sometimes, people are able to actually see mold on wood or walls. Mold is also usually present in damp areas, and especially in spots where water has been standing for more than a couple of days.

The presence of a strong, musty odor usually signifies the presence of mold. Another indicator is seemingly random health issues like rashes, allergic reactions, or headaches.

No matter the cause or the source, it’s vitally important to leave mold damage cleanup and restoration to the professionals at ServiceMaster of the Key City. Our IICRC certified technicians have the right equipment to test for mold growth in hidden areas to quickly come up with an action plan to remove it.


Leave Mold Restoration to the Experts

Why should you stay away from mold? Aside from being toxic to handle without the right equipment, trying to clean or remove mold yourself can cause spores to spread to different areas inside a building.

The mold restoration team at ServiceMaster of the Key City understands the different types of mold and the approach each requires. For example, black mold should only be handled by trained technicians wearing protective clothing and equipped with high-quality personal respirators to prevent the inhalation of spores.


Our Comprehensive Mold Removal Process

During the typical mold restoration process, our team will carefully remove all standing water with professional vacuums and completely dry out all affected areas. Even the slightest amount of moisture can spur the growth of mold spores and help them spread throughout a building.

Once the treated area is completely dry, a sanitizing solution is applied to kill any remaining mold spores. Next, our crew will conduct thorough testing of the treated areas to make sure everything was sanitized properly and is safe for people to live and work in once again.


ServiceMaster of the Key City Can Help You Safely Get Rid of Mold

If you think there’s mold inside your home or business, call our mold damage experts. Our team will work with you during the restoration process to give advice about what surfaces can be cleaned or need to be completely replaced to ensure the mold doesn’t return.

Reach out to our team in Dubuque, IA, or Decorah, IA, to protect your home, family, or business from the damage and health issues mold can cause. Give us a call at (563) 557-1488.


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