Michael’s Weird Jobs #9

A Christmas Miracle

On Christmas Eve one year, a family located in Dubuque, Iowa had started a fire in a fireplace in the upstairs living room of their split level home.  They went to bed and woke up on Christmas morning, went into the dining room and tried to turn the light on only to find out that it didn’t work.  No big deal, they thought.  We’ll just go on about our day and call someone to fix it tomorrow.  When the electrician came the next day, he found that a squirrel had made a nest in the attic next to the chimney.  The heat from the fire had gone through a crack in the mortar and started the squirrel bed on fire, which caught the rafters on fire.  The rafters burned completely and the roof was sagging.  A 3×8 foot area burned to nothing and then stopped.  There was no logical explanation that the house didn’t burn to the ground.  It truly was a Christmas miracle!

With the holiday season officially here, we would like to wish everyone the happiest and healthiest holiday season from ServiceMaster of the Key City in Dubuque, Iowa!