Michael’s Weird Jobs #7

“Why didn’t you just put it back into the fire?”

Do you have a wood-burning fireplace? The following is an interesting account of how one innocent fire in a wood-burning fireplace could have gone much differently.

One cool night in the fall, a guy decided to start a fire in his wood-burning fireplace in his living room. The room was carpeted and had a rug in front of the fireplace. After some time, one of the logs rolled out of the fireplace onto the rug. The man rolled up the log into the rug and brought it through the living room (dripping flames onto the carpet), through the dining room and kitchen (with flames dropping on the vinyl linoleum), out through the door to the deck (catching the blinds in front of the door on fire), and threw the rug with the flaming log on to the deck (catching the deck on fire). He was able to put all the fires out, but there was some damage, so he had to start an insurance claim. This is exactly what the adjuster asked the man, “When the log rolled out of the fireplace, why didn’t you just put it back into the fire?” The man replied, “I don’t know. I panicked and thought I needed to get it out of the house.”