Michael’s Weird Jobs #10

Dogs not kenneled properly!

One winter day in Dubuque, Iowa kids get a snow delay and then school ends up getting canceled. With there being no school a girl wants to go to her friend’s house so she calls her mom and asks to go to friend’s house. Her mom told her she could go but had to put the dogs in their kennel; instead, she put them in the master bathroom. This master bathroom had a 1980’s marble floor with a Jacuzzi hot tub.

While the dogs were locked in the bathroom all day they were jumping in and out of the tub. The dogs had managed to close the drain and turn the water on. When the daughter came home at 3:00 she noticed it was “raining” in the basement. She then calls her mom and says it’s raining in the basement. The mom Dog story pic2 copycame home to find the dogs were locked in the bathroom, and they had managed to flood the house. Three-quarters of the basement, half the main floor, and many other parts of the house had water damage. Water had run through the ceiling and went onto the pool table, electronics, and furniture.

The mom called Michael and his team from ServiceMaster of the Key City located in Dubuque, Iowa to come help her fix the house. When Michael and team arrived they set up all their tools right away and get to work. Michael went into the bathroom and ran a digital inspection camera down the vent. While Michael had this camera down the vent he saw gold. This gold ended up being a three thousand dollar diamond earring.

What’s the moral of this story? You should lock your dogs in their kennels and not in any room in your home.