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Insurance Claims

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Insurance Claims

While we focus on handling immediate disaster cleanup and restoration after an incident, our team members are also trained and prepared to collaborate with your insurance company while you pick up the pieces and work to get your life back to normal.

We get it. Trying to figure out the claims process after a disaster can be tricky. There’s a lot of paperwork to sift through, and spending time on the phone answering questions from an adjuster can be stressful, especially if you’re trying to keep your family calm while the restoration process takes place.


Let Us Help You in The Wake of Loss

Please don’t feel like you have to navigate the claims process alone. Insurance companies, both residential and commercial, speak with the crew here at ServiceMaster of the Key City since we are a preferred vendor for many of them.

Insurers love working with us because we have a reputation for standardized pricing with our professional disaster mitigation and restoration services. This means there’s no surprises during the claims process. Both clients and insurers know the work we do will be completed with a high degree of quality.

We’re happy to work with any insurance company, large and small, during the claims process. Here’s a brief overview of the insurance process so you know what to expect.


Understanding the Insurance Process

After a disaster or unexpected damage to a home or commercial property, the homeowner or business owner will call their insurance company. After learning more about the situation, the insurance company will give an overview of the claims process and provide a processing number for the case.

That’s where we come in. We conduct an on-site inspection of the home or property, start work on any emergency disaster mitigation, and call the adjuster within four hours after we’re on site. We provide an update of the situation and the work we plan to do.

In most instances, ServiceMaster of the Key City team members are able to finish up all emergency mitigation services within three to five days of being called out on a job.

Emergency services include drying out damaged areas, movement and pack out of furniture and other items, and light demolition. Each day we’re out working we make sure to inform your insurance company so there’s no surprises.

Once the emergency situation is under control, we submit information to your insurance company that outlines our restoration plan. When you and your insurance company approve our plan, ServiceMaster of the Key City team members start the restoration process and provide constant updates of work progression.


We do everything we can to make loss recovery as stress-free as possible. If your property has been damaged in a disaster, contact us for immediate assistance!


  • We're ready to restore your home or place of business following any disaster, 24/7.
  • Our trained and well-equipped experts respond to your emergency needs.
  • With you as our priority, we say what we do and do what we say.



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