Hoarder with a Flood in Dubuque, Iowa

An elderly man from Dubuque, Iowa was a hoarder. He has been hoarding things all the way back from the 1960’s. While it was winter time in Dubuque, Iowa one pipe in this elderly man’s basement where he was storing all of his things from 1960’s had broke. This guy’s house located in Dubuque, Iowa had items stacked about 5 feet high. When his pipe broke in the basement it had put 2 feet of water everywhere.

Michael and his team from ServiceMaster of the Key City located in Dubuque, Iowa got the call to help this elderly man out. When Michael and his team arrived they had to get dumpsters to discard everything that was not salvageable. Michael and the team from ServiceMaster of the Key City in Dubuque, Iowa ended up filling 5 dumpsters of this elderly mans items that could not be saved.

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