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Contending with Major and Minor Smoke Damage after a Home Fire

Smoke damage is a multifaceted form of home damage that varies widely from fire to fire. Some damage may just leave powdery smoke stains that are relatively simple to wipe away, while other fires may produce oily smoke that quickly seeps into soft materials, sometimes permanently. ServiceMaster of the Key City provides comprehensive smoke removal that can tackle minor and major damage alike for Dubuque, IA, homes impacted by fire damage. 


Major smoke damage can entail significant black staining, overpowering smells, singed or scorched surfaces, and residue that cannot be easily wiped away. This type of smoke damage can occur regardless of the size of the fire. The type of smoke damage that occurs is related closely to what types of materials were burned and not necessarily tied to the size of the fire. A quick-burning small fire can still produce oily, hard-to-clean smoke residue, while a dry fire that burns over a larger area can result in less smoke.


Even if the smoke damage appears minor, however, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to remove. Minor smoke damage is also a struggle to contend with thanks to the basic makeup of smoke. As smoke rises from the area of the fire, it carries with it countless tiny particles that can seep into cracks, corners, cloth, and beyond. This means that, in a matter of minutes, you may have lingering smoky smells essentially baked into the surfaces of your home.


Regardless of the extent of the smoke damage, it’s important to understand that comprehensive smoke stain removal is difficult to achieve without professional intervention. Many areas that can be affected by smoke damage may be hard to reach and even harder to adequately clean. While this might deter some homeowners from attempting to clean on their own, it doesn’t mean that smoke stain removal should be forgone entirely. Smoke damage can worsen if it’s not treated, and without any attention paid to addressing it, it can lead to more serious issues for your home down the line.


If your Dubuque, IA, home has been impacted by major or minor smoke damage, our smoke stain removal teams can help. Don’t hesitate to contact ServiceMaster of the Key City today at (563) 557-1488 or visit our website here for more information on smoke stain cleaning and complete smoke damage restoration.