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Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care in Dubuque and Decorah, IA

Carpets are some of the most important aspects in a home or business. Carpeting that’s clean, warm, and inviting presents well to friends or guests who come by to visit.

However, many people rarely clean their carpets, allowing dirt, dust, grime, and other pollutants to accumulate and stain the flooring. Once this filth becomes deeply embedded and attached to the carpet fibers, the entire room has a dull and lifeless look.


Choose to Make Your Carpeting Beautiful Again

Rather than just waiting until the last minute to treat and clean your carpets, let our professional crew at ServiceMaster of the Key City help you enjoy vibrant and lush carpets on a year-round basis. To provide the best services and options available, we’ll work with homeowners and businesses in Dubuque, IA, to create customized cleaning plans that fit their specific schedules and needs.

Regular carpet cleaning prolongs the life of your carpet and prevents it from becoming a hotbed of germs, bacteria, dust, and grime. During the carpet cleaning process, we use eco-friendly solutions to carefully spot clean stained areas and sanitize the entire carpet. After we’re done cleaning, we apply carpet protectant to help prevent future dirt and stain accumulation.


Keep Your Tile and Grout Looking Its Best

It’s tricky to keep tile floors clean. Even if you’re able to quickly wipe away spills or sweep up dirt and dust, liquids and other materials often seep into the grout and causes unsightly staining. This makes the entire room appear dull.

During the tile cleaning process, our team relies on a comprehensive six-step process to clean and restore the area. After conducting a preliminary inspection to come up with a cleaning plan, we pre-spray spots and stains for swift removal.

Next, our floor cleaners utilize high-pressure water cleaners to clear away dirt and soil, and then carefully scrub baseboards and corners. Once the entire floor has been cleaned, powerful vacuums are used to dry out the entire area before grout lines are sealed to prevent re-staining of the floor.


Schedule Floor or Carpet Cleaning Today

All of our cleaning products are eco-friendly, free of harsh fragrances, and certified by leading organizations in the United States, like Green Seal. For comprehensive and effective carpet and floor cleaning, give our crew a call at (563) 557-1488 today!


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