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Indoor Fireworks

Independence Day is right around the corner so please keep in mind that kids and fireworks can be a dangerous mix! Here is a story about a previous incident that happened in DubuqueIowa that Michael and his team at ServiceMaster of the Key City witnessed. Two local kids were anxiously playing with fireworks in the basement of their home when some nearby cardboard accidentally caught fire. While no one was hurt, there was extensive damage to the home and ServiceMaster of the Key City in Dubuque, Iowa was called in to clean up. With 4th of July less than a week away, please teach your children about fire safety and have a safe Independence Day.

indoor fireworks


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Heavy Rains in Dubuque Cause Flooding

As every Dubuque resident knows, heavy rain and flooding can be a disastrous problem. An elderly woman experienced this during a severe rain storm that caused her home to flood.  She wisely called ServiceMaster of the Key City in Dubuque for help cleaning the water in her basement. When the team from ServiceMaster of the Key City arrived to assess the water damage, they discovered it had reached over 8 feet in height! It was so deep that the Dubuque Fire Department’s help was needed to pump most of the water out which then allowed ServiceMaster to clean up the remaining damage and get the woman’s home restored.

If you ever have the same problem, be sure to call ServiceMaster of the Key!

Dry Heat

No one likes the dry skin that comes during the winter months.  Recently though, a woman was preparing for an evening out and decided to start a pot of water boiling on the stove to add moisture to the air relieve her dry skin.  She then left for the evening and kept the pot boiling on the stove however while she was out the pot boiled dry and caught the cabinets on fire above the stove.  The flames triggered the sprinkler system which covered the apartment with water.  The sprinklers were able to control this disaster until the Fire Department arrived but unfortunately, water from the second-floor apartment seeped through the floor causing severe damage to the units below.  The team at ServiceMaster of the Key City in Dubuque, Iowa was called in to help clean up the water damage which totaled $36,000!

The $10,000 Hairbrush

Here is another story about how things can get really bad, really quick!  An elderly Dubuque, Iowa woman in her 80’s was preparing for a trip with a relative. While packing she noticed she needed to clean her hairbrush.  As she placed the hair brush in the sink and turned on the water, the doorbell rang and she left the bathroom with the water running to go answer the door. After taking care of the visitor and being a proud home owner she decided to take care of some weeds she noticed in the yard.  Of course, all the while she was outside pulling weeds her hairbrush was still in the bathroom sink under running water. As it usually does, the landscaping took longer than expected, and when she went back inside she discovered the sink had over flown and the water had damaged the bathroom floor, the counter top, flooded the hallway, and ruined the basement bathroom.

Total cost = $10,000!!

This is another example of the kind of water damage that the team from ServiceMaster of the Key City in Dubuque, IA deal with every day.  The mess was cleaned up and the woman’s home was cleaned and restored in a short time.  Including the hairbrush!!

House Fire in Dubuque, Iowa

House Fire Caused By Lightning

A family from Dubuque, Iowa had gone camping up in Wisconsin during the summer. While they were gone there were bad storms in Dubuque, Iowa. With this storm, there was thunder and lots of lightning. While this family was camping, their house was struck by lightning. When this house was struck by lightning it started on fire. The neighbors of the family camping had to call 911 do to the house on fire.

When the Dubuque, Iowa family returned home they realized half of their house was burnt down. They called Michael at ServiceMaster of the Key City, located in Dubuque, Iowa to help with the cleanup!Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration, Water Cleanup | Dubuque, Iowa

Lightning Strikes in Dubuque, Iowa


Victorian Mansion Floods in Dubuque Iowa

A mansion in Dubuque, Iowa had a pipe brake. When this pipe broke it had put roughly two feet of water on the main level. The result of that much weight from the water on the main level had collapsed the floor. With the floor collapsing it went to the basement. This Dubuque, Iowa home had a home theater in the basement. With the ceiling collapsing and the water running to the basement where this home theater was, it destroyed the theater.

Michael and his team from ServiceMaster of the Key City in Dubuque, Iowa were to the rescue!

Apartment Floods in Dubuque, Iowa

During the winter, a couple was evicted from an apartment building located on the West End of Dubuque, Iowa. This couple had lived on the second floor. They were not happy about being evicted so they decided when they left they were going to leave a window open and turn the heat off. It was about negative ten degrees when a pipe had ruptured within the apartment. With this pipe rupturing it had flooded the entire apartment that the couple used to live in, in Dubuque, Iowa.

This flooding that was occurring within the apartment complex in Dubuque, Iowa had got so bad that it flooded not one apartment but two. There was so much water on the floor of the second story apartment that it had collapsed the ceiling below. Thankfully no one was living down below this couple.

This flood went on for a while before anyone had noticed. When someone finally noticed this water problem, it had already destroyed two apartments. Someone noticed this flood when they were walking the halls and noticed water coming out from under the door of the main level apartment.

Michael and his team from ServiceMaster of the Key City, located in Dubuque, Iowa were to the rescue!

Hoarder with a Flood in Dubuque, Iowa

An elderly man from Dubuque, Iowa was a hoarder. He has been hoarding things all the way back from the 1960’s. While it was winter time in Dubuque, Iowa one pipe in this elderly man’s basement where he was storing all of his things from 1960’s had broke. This guy’s house located in Dubuque, Iowa had items stacked about 5 feet high. When his pipe broke in the basement it had put 2 feet of water everywhere.

Michael and his team from ServiceMaster of the Key City located in Dubuque, Iowa got the call to help this elderly man out. When Michael and his team arrived they had to get dumpsters to discard everything that was not salvageable. Michael and the team from ServiceMaster of the Key City in Dubuque, Iowa ended up filling 5 dumpsters of this elderly mans items that could not be saved.

You can click here to view some episodes from Hoarding: Buried Alive on TLC

Water Main Burst

Have you ever had a water main break, or water flood your house? One night a building in Dubuque, Iowa had water pipe burst at 3 in the morning. The temperature was about -30 degrees out.Foley 141

Well did you know that the city of Dubuque, Iowa  has this system set up that when a water main burst, dispatch at the police station gets notified right away.

Dispatch had got this notification saying there is a water main burst at this building. They then dispatch out fire trucks to go look at it right away. While dispatch was sending fire trucks out, they got a 911 call from the building that was having the water issue. Dispatch had advised them that the fire department was in route.

ServiceMaster of the KFoley 089ey City in Dubuque, Iowa got the call also to do the clean up. Check out the photos of all the water in the building. ServiceMaster of the Key City in Dubuque, Iowa got this building back to so called “normal” and got the water cleaned up.


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