Apartment Floods in Dubuque, Iowa

During the winter, a couple was evicted from an apartment building located on the West End of Dubuque, Iowa. This couple had lived on the second floor. They were not happy about being evicted so they decided when they left they were going to leave a window open and turn the heat off. It was about negative ten degrees when a pipe had ruptured within the apartment. With this pipe rupturing it had flooded the entire apartment that the couple used to live in, in Dubuque, Iowa.

This flooding that was occurring within the apartment complex in Dubuque, Iowa had got so bad that it flooded not one apartment but two. There was so much water on the floor of the second story apartment that it had collapsed the ceiling below. Thankfully no one was living down below this couple.

This flood went on for a while before anyone had noticed. When someone finally noticed this water problem, it had already destroyed two apartments. Someone noticed this flood when they were walking the halls and noticed water coming out from under the door of the main level apartment.

Michael and his team from ServiceMaster of the Key City, located in Dubuque, Iowa were to the rescue!